Jade is a twenty-eight year-old single mom doing her best not to die of boredom in small town South Carolina. Currently unemployed, she spends her days chauffering her five year-old son to and from school, soccer practice, and many other places in between. Though she thinks of herself as intelligent, her two dogs and one cat know her as “that two-legged being who becomes a babbling idiot anytime we do something cute.” By night, she dreams of someday being a writer, if she and her muse can ever agree on one idea for longer than fifteen minutes. On weekends you can find her on IRC pretending to be a bad-ass sword wielding chick saving her world from complete destruction, but only if the dice gods agree to it.

Currently, Jade is planning to return to college at some point in the not-too-distant future, and relocating to Georgia in 2010 for assorted reasons that she may or may not disclose here. Until then those who read her blog must put up with her weirdness and incoherent rambling about whichever topics she finds shiny and interesting at the moment. Just be glad she has a boyfried, otherwise she might get into far too much trouble online.


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